Canalys Report: Baidu sells more smart speakers than Google

Canalys-Report: Baidu verkauft mehr smarte Lautsprecher als Google

Canalys Report: Baidu sells more smart speakers than Google
Image: Baidu

First Alibaba and Xiaomi, now also Baidu. The third Asian force in the smart speaker business is moving directly past Google to second place in the global market share with these devices. But Amazon in first place and Google in third place have little to fear.

Because Baidu sells his 18 or even 28 US dollars expensive Xiaodu series speakers only in China, which will not change in the near future. The growth of 3,700 percent within a year can still be seen and ensures that Baidu together with Xiaomi and Alibaba and some other in China with 12.6 million smart speakers sold in the quarter more than twice as many units sold as in the US American trade were sold at the same time. One reason for this, however, is that Google's Home or Nest series has not yet been introduced in China. All in all, more than 55 percent more smart speakers were sold in the second quarter of 2019 than a year earlier.

Sales of smart speakers including market share
Sales of smart speakers including market share (Image: Canalys)

In the Western world, Amazon Echo and Google Nest remain the measure of all things. There, Amazon continues to put in a great deal, a growth of over 60 percent within a year illustrates the success of the Echo family. Google, on the other hand, had recently rested, delivering nearly 20 percent fewer devices, but rumors have recently surfaced that a new Nest Mini might be released in the fall.

The comparison of Amazon and Google
The Comparison of Amazon and Google (Image: Canalys)

Both companies want to focus more on countries away from the domestic US market, because there is greater potential there. Among other things, Google today introduces the Nest Hub in India, which came to Germany at the end of May this year. However, this symbiosis of large display loudspeakers for added functionality in the smart home area will attract more vendors in the near future, so the marketplace will be more diverse from budget prices for basic devices to expensive solutions with voice activation and large displays , the analysts of Canalys,


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