Cancellation: Despite iPad apps on macOS no Netflix app planned

Absage: Trotz iPad-Apps auf macOS keine Netflix-App geplant

Cancellation: Despite iPad apps on macOS no Netflix app planned
Picture: Netflix

With macOS 10.15 Catalina, which officially released Apple yesterday and earlier than expected, iPad apps can be brought more easily to macOS than before. So far, however, only a few developers use this opportunity and at the start there are only about 20 iPad apps for macOS – and Netflix gives a macOS app a rejection.

Like Netflix Bloomberg There are currently no plans for a stand-alone Netflix app for macOS, even though the Netflix app is currently ranked second in the free apps for the iPad. Although Netflix can be used in the browser on macOS, downloading and offline playback of films and series are not possible.

On the way to the “Unified App Store”

Catalyst's technology for transforming iPad apps into macOS versions, previously and internally managed as a marzipan project, is the first step in helping developers design just one app version for all Apple platforms. This goal is to be achieved in 2021, when the same apps are to be available on every device via a common App Store for iPhone, iPad and macOS.

However, this step is still not completed and the adjustments are not always as smooth as Apple promised in advance. In addition to menus and selection lists that can not be used on the Mac without a touchscreen as on an iPad, the mouse pointer, which does not always hide when playing video, also causes problems. In addition, customers wishing to use the same app on the iPad and on macOS may pay for it on both platforms for the full purchase price. A circumstance that will probably be dispelled in the future as on the iPhone and iPad, even if Apple has not commented on this yet. For months for macOS advertised apps like the racing game Asphalt 9 have been postponed.

Windows 10 App for tablets also on the desktop

For Windows 10, Netflix already offers its own app. Although originally intended for Windows 10 tablets, it can also be easily used on normal Windows 10 desktop computers.

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