CapFrameX v1.3.0: The GPU benchmark tool can now do even more

CapFrameX v1.3.0: Das GPU-Benchmark-Tool kann jetzt noch mehr

CapFrameX v1.3.0: The GPU benchmark tool can now do even more
Picture: CapFrameX

CapFrameX, the powerful benchmarking tool from the community, receives numerous new features and a fresh coat of paint in the new version 1.3.0. Among other things, the capture function, which is now based on PresentMon v.1.5.2, has been drilled out and now supports not only Windows 10 but also Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

The prerequisite for successful operation is the installation of the .NET Framework runtime environment from Microsoft in version 4.7.2 or higher.

In addition to a completely redesigned Comparison view with revised bar graphs and new options that allow two or three parameters to be displayed and compared with each other, the benchmark tool has an improved “capture” view. CapFrameX is now intended to give users even more accurate recordings, which can now be started off the “Capture” view.

In addition to the mandatory bug fixes, the new 1.3.0 release also includes numerous graphical user interface enhancements that should allow many of the familiar features and actions to now run with fewer clicks. A complete listing of all new features, enhancements, and fixes is provided by the project's official changelog on GitHub.

In the official thread “CapFrameX – Capture and Analysis Tool” the two community members responsible for the tool “ZeroStrat” ​​and “Taxxor” answer questions from the ComputerBase community and regularly provide information about the current state of development.

CapFrameX is available as an installable application as well as in a portable version in the download area.


  • CapFrameX

    4.3 stars

    With CapFrameX, CPU and GPU benchmarks can be recorded and displayed clearly.

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