Cinematographic mobile game Recontact returns with Recontact: London

Cinematographic mobile game Recontact returns with Recontact: London

Recontact: Recontact: London and Recontact: Istanbul Eyes of Sky have won awards in Turkey and abroad for their first international project, Recontact: London.

The team that previously selected the game of the year in the App Store and brought valuable film artists such as Fikret Kuşkan to a mobile gaming world chose Ross Mullan, who played Whitewalker in Game of Thrones for the lead role of Recontact London. For those who do not have GoT viewers, Mullan has made a name for himself in projects such as Doctor Who and Clash of Titans.

In the meantime, it's worth mentioning that the developer team has made major changes to Recontact London by reconsidering all the game mechanics. For example, in Recontact London, players can now play themselves instead of playing a game character.

In the screenplay, players are positioned as the leader of London's cybercrime team, encountering video puzzles and a never ending story flow.

Recontact London is a hidden object finder game that tries to find suspects in CCTV cameras, as well as offering players 5 brand new video-based puzzles. In the game, using AR technology, the scene is brought to the scene of a separate breath.

Eray Dinç is the director, Simay Dinç is the producer. The development team is headed by Can Aksoy.

We can say that the team's success so far is owed to the motto of Playable Arts. The Recontact Team builds the films on videos and cinematics, which are direct game dynamics, not on multiple-choice storytelling. It is possible to say that Recontact, which has made a name for itself in the mobile gaming industry with its original content, is again in front of its fans with an ambitious game.

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