Clash Of Clans: Build And Battle Your Village!

On August 2, 2012, Clash of Clans is a multi-player online strategy game developed by Supercell. There are 9 age limits in the game, 4.4 in Apple App Store and 4.6 points in Google Play Store. The game will be ranked 1st in the ol Free Most Popular Games acak in the Google Play Store, while iOS users will not pay much attention “Strategy” is ranked 8th in the category.

Clash of Clans and Massive Waiting Times

Clash of Clans, in which I had the pleasure of playing for the first time in 2013, was a game that I wanted to take my wonderful time, but because of its style, I could not get my daily dose every day.

The buildings in your village had a very long time to reach the next level, with rival spoiled villages and, of course, the army in the camp, so I had to wait for the Clash of Clans statement before the message of my lover. If none of your builders are available, you can come back out of the country until the development is complete.

The Most Attractive Point: Building a Clan

There is such a thing as being bored while playing alone is a multiplayer, online game.

Clash of Clans to establish a clan, account name is more difficult to find. The name has to be addressed to the general public, and I have even turned down the request because of the clan name. If you put the name of the team that you hold your clan if the player does not hold the team does not want to be a little sensitive in this subject, let's be first.

Opening the clan; with friends, you meet in the game, you are invited to join a clan membership with the team to set up a team is definitely the point that attracts me the most. Clan wars, tactics of your clan members of the clan castle with your clan won by your opponents win, your win at the end of the star of your star at the end of the stars shift is much better than the other stars. Of course, if you win the war, you must not forget the spoils of the arrival of your clan castle.

Clash of Clans

We could not look at a village, they gave the second!

The second village, which you can move to by clicking on the Ship on the left, has little value in the eyes of the users according to some comments I have joined. Already, the main village to collect gold and potion is a hassle to deal with the latter sounds like an occupation.

Continue Playing

Although the game has a few points of annoying, patience test, the level of addiction is very high. Looking forward to the change of developments in your village, the desire to use the new fighters in your barracks to add strength to your army, the strengths of your fighters to see the results of the war is an incredible pleasure. Even such that, that barrel, ball, air, Pekka, Dragon, Wild Boar to open the level without opening the potion, you can not leave the pot without winning.

Two years later, my village in 2013 came to a club with a stick and took it from me. Joke, I sold the account you knew. At that time I sold well to a sum, 80'li 90'li at that time was a great talent.

I enjoy playing this game, my friends can spend time with this game the site You can get more information you can visit. You can also download Clash Of Clans from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store pages or from the links below.

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans

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