Cloud Gaming: One million players are waiting for Nvidia GeForce Now

Cloud-Gaming: Eine Million Spieler warten auf Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia's cloud gaming service GeForce Now (test) is in the beta and PC announcement that will not be completed in the foreseeable future. Until general availability, according to CEO Jensen Huang, the costs have to be reduced. One million players are currently waiting for a GeForce Now access.

What used to be Grid for Nvidia Shield has been called GeForce Now since the beginning of 2017 and has been available for Mac and PC ever since. The announcement was followed at the end of October of the same year by the start of the free beta phase. Since then, 300,000 users have been able to win GeForce Now, said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at the GTC 2019 in an interview with ComputerBase. However, Nvidia is far from being able to serve all players who are interested in the service. One million players are currently waiting for beta access for GeForce Now, Huang said.

This shows that players are quite interested in cloud gaming and that it is not a market niche. However, classic games are clearly ahead of the game: according to Huang, there are 200 million players on Nvidia's GeForce hardware at the moment.

GeForce Now currently has no official price

When GeForce Now will leave the beta, Huang did not comment. However, he said that initially the biggest challenge would be to cut costs. This is interesting in that GeForce Now currently has no price and at least in the beta phase – apart from the games – is offered completely free of charge. The previously mentioned prices are no longer valid.

GeForce Now was originally supposed to cost $ 25 for 20 hours of gaming. Later, the start of the beta phase in Germany was followed by a subdivision after the performance retrieved from the cloud: 25 US dollars equals 20 hours of play with a GTX 1060 PC. If you want to get the computing power of a GTX 1080 PC, you only have 10 hours to play for $ 25. However, these prices have not been officially valid for a while now. In the FAQ for GeForce Now it only means that GeForce Now is free during the beta phase. Given Huang's claim that costs need to be further reduced, general availability of the streaming service is expected to result in lower prices than those mentioned two years ago.

Raytracing comes at the end of the year on GeForce Now

For existing GeForce Now players, there were novelties to the GTC. They will be able to use Raytracing on the platform this year. Newly delivered servers for GeForce Now are all based on Nvidia's RTX technology, so they can calculate raytracing across RT cores. Raytracing on GeForce Now is expected to be usable in the third or fourth quarter, Huang said. And Nvidia is also working on Virtual Reality via GeForce Now, although there is no date yet.

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