Cloud Gaming & Streaming: Xbox boss plays on their own competitors to Stadia

Cloud-Gaming & Streaming: Xbox-Chef spielt auf eigenen Konkurrenten zu Stadia an

Today was Google's big day, for E3 it will be ours“Phil Spencer from Microsoft commented on the staging of Google Stadia on Tuesday night. Microsoft has been planning a streaming service for a while now with its xCloud project. With Google's offer, there will be a completely new competitor before its launch.

Games from the cloud – almost everywhere

The ideas are very similar. With xCloud Microsoft wants to provide the existing portfolio of Xbox games for further terminals. This means not only mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, but also notebooks or desktop computers, which some Xbox-exclusive titles were denied. The calculations are done in Microsoft's Azure data centers, with special new blades designed to handle the work of multiple Xbox One X consoles. A similar path goes Google, a Custom x86 solution is in its own data centers for high gaming performance because the data centers are “everywhere”, the service should also be available almost everywhere.

Microsoft was nevertheless impressed by the overall package of the Google presentation, although this was expected in a similar form. But the integration of YouTube, the Google Assistant and the new WiFi controller left a lasting impression. In the controller Microsoft is likely to fear but hardly real competition, the Xbox controllers are also among PC players to the favored. It looks different on YouTube, since Microsoft has nothing to oppose, Cortana is also against the Google Assistant so far in many areas the short straw. But for Microsoft speaks the existing gaming ecosystem.

We are just wrapped up watching the Google announcement of Stadia as team at GDC. Their announcement is validation of the path we embarked upon two years ago ..

Today we are a big tech competitor entering the gaming market, and the necessary ingredients for success as Content, Community and Cloud. There were no big surprises in their announcement.

But I want to get back to us, there have been really good work to get us to the position where we are poised to compete for 2 billion gamers across the planet. Google went big today and a couple of months until E3 when we will go big.

We have to stay agile and continue to build our customer at the center. We have the content, community, cloud team and strategy, and I've been saying for a while, it's all about execution. This is even more true today.

Energizing times.

A question of the complete package and the latency

In the end it will depend on the complete package – and of course the pricing. On the technology side, the question of latency counts with regard to streaming as well, above all this is posed by the PC player. Digitalfoundry's first measurements show that the latency tends to be significantly higher than the PC, but it is only twelve percent higher than the Xbox One X and thus falls into the negligible range.

latency measurements
Latency measurements (Image: Digitalfoundry)

Compared to the project stream from the October of last year, Google has already improved the overall latency, further progress is expected. Google has explicitly console gamers in mind, almost all the statements yesterday were in this direction. In any case, the focus is primarily on the casual player, who might consider the issue of latency to be of secondary importance, further testers point out.

The E3 2019 promises excitement in this regard. Microsoft wants to start big, Google will observe this and possibly react again – there are currently no prices for Stadia. At the latest by the end of the year both services (in the beta test) should start. Nvidia also has a service in the planning with GeForce Now, which arouses great interest, but currently would be too expensive for many testers.

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