Commander Keen (2019): Children's classic returns to smartphones

Commander Keen (2019): Kinderklassiker kehrt auf Smartphones zurück

At E3, Bethesda announces “a modern variant“Of the Jump'n'Run classic Commander Keen. The good news already stops here: A smartphone game is being developed with a free-to-play model that does not seem to have much in common with its ancestors.

The game is presented in a “Saturday morning animated style“, A kind of design that distinguishes cartoons of the morning program. The announcement trailer therefore mimics the intro sequences of classic cartoon animation for children. The game itself, however, looks a bit different and different than before.

Instead of a sidescroller in the platformer genre, which still spawns popular games like Rayman or Ori and the Blind Forest, the excavated brand is revived with a sort of puzzle game, in which, according to the gameplay trailer, it's all about placing different gadgets to move through the levels. The gadgets are for movement and defeating opponents. Since Bethesda emphasizes the great variety of possibilities already in the imagination, they are not only the core of the game principle, but probably also the monetization.

The spirit of the original should blow

Played are the children of the old Commander Keen, who now roam the galaxy in their father's footsteps. You can choose between a story and a battle mode in which two players duel in real time. According to creative director Kira Schlitt, this concept is the result of an effort to “Keep the spirit of the original series while developing gameplay geared toward mobile devices“.

Commander Keen (2019) is being developed for smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems. A beta phase should start this summer, the registration can be done on the homepage of the game.

For Bethesda Commander Keen is after the surprisingly successful Fallout Shelter the second outing in the mobile area. Here, however, an old brand is revived to presumably generate additional players due to the recognition value. For old fans, smartphone offshoots or reboots tend to be less popular. EA had to learn this with the smartphone version of Command & Conquer.

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