Crowdfunding: Everspace 2 asks for money for Freelancer game

Crowdfunding: Everspace 2 fragt für Freelancer-Spiel nach Geld

Crowdfunding: Everspace 2 asks for money for Freelancer game
Image: Rockfish Games

The second part of the arcade space shooter Everspace is financed like its predecessor via Kickstarter. With the sequel, the developers change the concept and delete Roguelike components from the concept. Now a traditional single player shooter with an open but persistent game world is being developed.

In addition, Everpsace 2 is enriched with role-playing components, looting mechanics and exploration possibilities. Planned are elements of hack-n-slash role-playing games à la Diablo such as classes, random loot, skills or talents, with which the player's ship can be equipped. The story inspired by Freelance and the brisk space combat are not touched; the space classic is also indirectly cited as an inspiration and promises conceptually to receive a successor in Everspace 2.

Throughout the world, there is a 20-hour history that established writers should be responsible for. But the hunt for better equipment should also make for fun as usual in popular loot shooters. What will not happen next to randomly generated environments is a multiplayer mode. The developers describe this as a risk to the concept, also would be lacking experience with online modes; Strengths of the team are the work on single player titles, for everything else there are enough alternatives. HOTAS support is planned for the full version, but a VR version of the game may follow later, but is not guaranteed.

This much more ambitious concept should be implemented by a team twice as big. It is a kind of game that you always wanted to develop, proclaims the Hamburg studio Rockfish Games and for now the necessary financial resources are available. Even without any additional revenue from the sale of its predecessor, the development of the Kickstarter campaign can be ensured until early access.

The Schwarmfinanzierung should also offer fans an opportunity to participate in the development and incorporate them. This has already proven itself at Everspace. At the same time, the studio retains the full creative and monetary control over the project. It is clarified that certain pillars of the concept are not up for debate: The studio reserves the last word.

Playable next year

Supporters of the campaign will receive the finished game starting from a contribution of 30 euros, for 40 euros a demo version may be played in December 2019. A contribution from 80 euros also allows access to alpha and beta tests as well as soundtrack and artbook. Of the requested 450,000 euros, the developers have been able to collect just over 100,000 euros with 30 days of remaining time.

The title is expected to be available in September 2020, but only in the form of an early-access version. The final completion is targeted for the second half of the year 2021. Xbox and PlayStation will follow six months later. On the Windows PC, the release is initially on Steam, the finished version will also be distributed through GOG and the Epic Games Store. The developers explicitly exclude Eversion 2 for sale exclusively in the Epic Games Store. Linux and Mac versions are the first staging goal on the to-do list.

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