Denuvo: Devil May Cry 5 runs faster without copy protection

Denuvo: Devil May Cry 5 runs faster without copy protection

The Denuvo copy protection in Devil May Cry 5 measurable impact on the refresh rate. The game is not noticeable slower in any case. This is shown by benchmarks with a short-term available, by Capcom itself inadvertently published .exe file of the game.

Over Steam, players were able to call a branch of the game for a few hours containing a version of the game that contained only Steam's DRM measures but no Denuvo copy protection. This allows a direct comparison of both versions and thus conclusions about the performance losses associated with Denuvo.

Copy protection theoretically costs performance

Based on the new branch of the game is Digital Foundry stepped to action. The system used for the test consisted of a Core i5 8400 with 16 gigabytes of RAM, an SSD and a Radeon RX 580.Mainstream computer“Described system had to render with the lowest details and a resolution of 480p in interlace mode, in order to keep the influence of the graphics card as low as possible.

In this scenario, a permanent performance difference of 13 percent was found in favor of the Denuvo-free version. Even with the controversial copy protection, however, about 173 images per second were calculated, so that the difference is negligible, at least in this game – especially as differences in usual resolutions shrink because the RE engine mainly demands on the graphics card, but not the processor. Other reports are moving in this spectrum and also call shorter load times than positive effect when Denuvo is removed.

In a setup with a strong CPU like the Core i5 8400, however, only limited statements about the performance losses are possible. Another picture is used to draw comments in Steam forums. There is reported in a higher resolution of a jump of 25 percent from 74 to 93 frames per second, which should also be more stable. Information on computer and specific settings are not made here, which makes the comparability and classification impossible. A user with an older FX-8350 also reported more stable frame rates and the elimination of jerks in cutscenes.

CPU is loaded

It remains to be noted that Denuvo definitely and once more has an impact on the performance of a game. These are barely noticeable with a strong processor, but potentially noticeable with older models, even with a less CPU-heavy title. This unequivocal behavior is in contrast to previous allegations by Denuvo vendors claiming that their copy protection has no effect on the game.

In particular, publishers are using the vendor's solution in spite of declining effectiveness in recent months to protect the sales figures of the first few weeks after publication. There are the most copies of a game and sold at the highest price. After illegal versions circulate, Denuvo is partly officially removed.

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