Designing yourself: Start lighting with Philips Hue from the 3D printer

Selbst entwerfen: Leuchten mit Philips Hue aus dem 3D-Drucker starten

Designing yourself: Start lighting with Philips Hue from the 3D printer
Picture: Signify

Signify, the company behind the products around Philips Hue, today announced the launch of a Europe-wide service to design custom lights from the 3D printer. Customers design the lampshade, opt for a light source and receive their printed luminaire within two weeks.

The presentation was preceded by a pilot project in the Benelux countries. To design a luminaire, the customer selects a basic design and then personalizes it by choosing the size, color, texture and pattern – so you can not completely customize your own luminaire. Subsequently, the type of LED light source can be selected, with lamps from the Philips Hue portfolio can be selected. Pricing starts the individually designed pendant lights at 100 euros.

3D printing for less CO2 emissions

The luminaires are printed from 100 percent recyclable material in a 3D process. The starting material is a polycarbonate, which should be robust and high quality. The CO2 savings of such a printed light (without electronics and light sources) compared to a conventionally manufactured metal light Signify put to 47 percent. Even the weight is only about one third of a conventional lamp, which also saves CO2 emissions during shipping.

Light from used CDs

The company has also announced that it uses recycled material such as used CDs for 3D printing. The first product to use this is a Philips LED table lamp called Quartz One, which consists of 24 recycled CDs. It will be available from 28th November, costs 99 Euros (RRP) and can be ordered through the Philips Lighting website. Signify expects all of its 3D printed products to be made from recycled material over the coming year. Signify is committed to being fully carbon neutral by 2020.

Philips LED table lamp from used CDs
Philips LED table lamp from used CDs (Image: Signify)

Philips and Sony introduced the CD in the early 1980s. Today, we build on this heritage by using technology to make high quality and decorative lights.

Khalid Aziz, Head of Ventures at Signify


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