Detailed overview of Facebook's new design

540 million Facebook's records were stored on public servers

So far, Mark Zuckerberg said in his statements that Facebook is a clean and privacy-oriented social network. Especially after the crises in recent years, Zuckerberg stated that there were things they needed to fix, but he stood behind every step he took.

In the statements made by Facebook, the social network consisted of alan meaningful mak groups, important gatherings organized through the Events, or users who enjoyed watching through the Watch Party feature.

However, we all know that Facebook does not match these explanations. The social network, which is constantly experiencing data leaks, is trying to attract the attention of the users by adding different features like a Swedish army knife to the platform. On the other hand, users are viewing posts from Facebook friends they never talked to at news source, storing other users from photos or consuming click trap news and viral videos. Obviously, the company continues to develop features on the platform, has not been able to build anything beyond this image for a long time.

New Facebook Design Details

This is precisely why Zuckerberg, who has recently voiced a vision of a social network with a focus on privacy, may have wanted to go for renewal in design. Zuckerberg said at the F8 conference for this change:

This is the biggest change we've made in the Facebook application and the site in five years.

This design change, known under the name of FB5, reduces the blue color which is predominantly in the Facebook interface. In this way, the interface with the More button, despite the dozens of features to get a more plain look. The new logo is a lighter blue color, and instead of a square design, rounded lines are preferred. This can be interpreted as a step towards renewing the brand image that has been damaged.

Groups Stand Out

If we take the new design in terms of function, we can say that Facebook has included Groups in both the application and the priority tabs on the site. Suggestions are taking their place in a new tab and groups are highlighted again in this recommendations tab.

The Groups feature currently has 1 billion users per month. Facebook is determined to double the number of users in groups with these moves. Facebook wants to use this feature as a total of 2.38 billion people in the user base, as well as trying to meet the groups addressed to them.

For the time being, 400 million users are members of a Group, saying Facebook is planning to add new features to focus groups such as healthcare or games. Within the scope of these new features, users will be able to view updates from the communities they are a member of through a single panel.

Marketplace Positioning

It is also worth noting that the Groups feature will be surrounded by the Marketplace feature. One of the highest potential of Facebook, the Marketplace reached 800 million monthly users 1 and a half years after its release. Facebook's replicating this feature from Craiglist has included real identities in the business, adding a feature that empowers the world's most used app.

With its simple interface, fast and secure sales facilities, Marketplace can be preferred by users due to payment features. Marketplace vendors are now able to receive payments via Venmo or in cash, while providing buyers with shipping charges. With the shopping features added to Instagram, we can say that Facebook's vision is directed to e-commerce for its main application.

In a recent conversation with investors, Zuckerberg said that Facebook's future was in e-commerce, not in advertising.

Facebook Watch

While Facebook's Groups feature was nominated for being a favorite of the platform, unfortunately Watch Watch, which was developed in the focus of video content, did not create the expected effect. YouTube and Netflix-inspired Facebook are experiencing difficulties with content when designing Watch. The content of the company that did not hesitate to invest in content was far from being viral as “Stranger Things” or “Game of Thrones”.

Nevertheless, Buffy's The Vampire Slayer remake and NBA star Steph Curry's documentary series has attracted attention.

Despite all this, 75 million users a day at least 1 minute Watch says. However, this 60 seconds does not have to occur as a result of continuity. Moreover, we can say that only 4 percent of the user base is interested in Watch when we look at this figure. According to a study by Diffusion, 50 percent of US Facebook users are unaware of the Watch feature. This means that Watch's other features are far behind in terms of brand value.

Privacy Focus

In the F8 conference where the new design of Facebook was introduced, the News Source, which is the main source of income of the company, was not mentioned. The fact that the young user group preferred social networks based on Snapchat-like transience had previously caused Facebook to copy the Stories feature.

After the scandals in Instagram and the focus of secrecy, which have strengthened with stories, the transience and secrecy became rhubarb to Mark Zuckerberg's language. Zuckerberg, who has voiced his vision of social networking in the privacy focus for some time, did not neglect to mention this issue at the event. The CEO, adopting the expression “The Future in Confidentiality”, did not go beyond the rhetoric. New privacy protections for the developer platform have not been announced and it has not been announced who will fill the Security Manager seat for 9 months. Likewise, it is not possible to specify the Delete History feature that was announced last year.

Despite all this, Zuckerberg could not help himself to draw attention to “Confidentiality” in his speech:

I understand that a lot of people can't be sure that we're serious about it. For now, I know we don't have a strong reputation for privacy.

After the crises so far, we may think that this new discourse has taken a step back to gain Facebook's reputation. On the other hand, it may take a long time for Facebook to change this credibility by referring to the Onavo-like Research app, data leaks and errors that are unintentionally accessing young people's data.

The company, sharing its vision for messaging recently, aims to combine the structure of Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption.

Zuckerberg, meanwhile, is said to have deployed a strategy book to his employees as he approached the public offering: “If we don't produce things that kill Facebook, others will.”

This awareness of Zuckerberg can change the structure of Facebook that is stagnating and constantly replicating features from others. If it can really listen to the user base and produce a secure social network, we can say that Facebook may be more than just purchases and copies. Until then, it will continue to be remembered as a company that relies on others' original ideas and practices.

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