Details of L'Oreal's first European augmented reality YouTube campaign

Details of L'Oreal's first European augmented reality YouTube campaign

We already mentioned that L'Oreal used YouTube Virtual Try On. Today, L'Oreal and Google cooperation at a meeting in the Turkey Google office, the technology using AR YouTube The Oréal gerçekleştri the results of the campaign were shared.

The meeting, as well as representatives of Maybelline New York Polite and clear Nur Murat Colakoglu, Google content and YouTube producers of Turkey Hilmi Aydin joined with Bilic Da.

Campaign Details

L'Oreal, a techno-beauty company, collaborated with Danla Bilic, Google and Watsons on the Virtual Try On campaign. The company invited Danla Bilic to the city's YouTube channel: "Do you want to try lipstick at the same time as Danla Bilic?" The content allows users to try lipstick with Virtual Try On.

After trying the lipsticks, some users bought lipsticks from Watsons, while others contacted Danla Bilic through DM.

Google Hilmi Aydin of Turkey during the campaign, including the masthead, he said that they use two different models of CPM advertising. Thus, the content appeared on the main page in front of users, as well as other videos while watching them. Aydin, in both ad models, said that users choose to watch the video themselves.

The EMEA region of L? Oreal in the first as the Virtual Try on the campaign, which has launched a 3-fold increase in sales worldwide and stands out as one of the best campaigns in Turkey. L'Oréal, which has 150,000 users, has managed to climb three times faster than the global average. At the same time, the company has performed twice as much testing as the Virtual Try On project in the United States.

Similarly, the application utilization rate is 42%. Maybelline representative in New York, Berrak Kibar, who said he gained a 1.45 million color experience as part of the campaign, said it was not possible to "get it right. reach that figure with physical testers. The lipsticks remaining 12 hours, indicating that people are polite. Users in stores can not try 12 colors multiple times, he added.

The company, which launched the campaign in September, claims to have obtained more than 75% of its results in the first week. Let's add that in the meantime, 1.2 million of the 1.45 million color experiments were performed during the first week. It should also be mentioned that content currently being disseminated continues to grow organically.

Kibar, Virtual Try On 'da offered 12 colors, bestsellers and danla bilic said choose among the favorites. At this point, the company's 27-color Super Stay series will be presented to users with new colors next year.

Why try virtual?

Polite says Maybelline in Turkey's main target audience is 16-24 years old and Gen Z Millenial, says digital to capture this audience and YouTube is able to change the way consumers shop. 50% of consumers who had previously entered the store had product information, this report represents more than the makeup and beauty industry, he said.

Kibar said that when it comes to products with a wide range of products, some products may not be tested in stores and the products tested may be dirty. At this point, he emphasized the convenience of users to try the product in the comfort of their own home.

Hilmi Aydın said content producers in the beauty sector had grown by 80%. "According to a survey, 90% of users say they have discovered a new brand on YouTube. he said.

Danla Bilic said that he was addicted to online shopping and that he thought that Virtual Try On was a feature that should be implemented. Danla Bilic, who has been working with Maybelline for a long time, recently introduced the products at New York Fashion Week.

L'Oréal's investments on YouTube

Murat Nur Çolakoğlu said that YouTube and Google are very important to Loreal in terms of measures and actions, and that the company is important not only in terms of advertising, but also in strategic terms. Many years ago, only 15% of Loreal's digital advertising investments were in Çolakoğlu, now 55% to 60% of the budget is allocated to digital, he added. Colakoglu, Maybelline also represents much more than digital advertising investments, he added. Berrak Kibar said that thanks to Google's cooperation, they could find and direct the consumers of their choice at any time.

If you want to try the virtual test feature, simply access the content through the app and click the Try button.

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