Display problems: Samsung postpones launch of Galaxy Fold (Update)

Display-Probleme: Samsung verschiebt Marktstart des Galaxy Fold

The fragile display of the Galaxy Fold has led Samsung to postpone the launch of the foldable smartphone. After a report of the Wall Street Journal The company has now officially confirmed this plan. Samsung wants to announce a new appointment in the coming weeks.

With several testers of the Samsung Galaxy Fold it has come in recent days to problems with the display. Some complain about failures after accidentally removing a foil that is essential for the protection of the display, but other editors are also struggling with damage outside of this problem, such as The Verge and CNBC last week reported. Also the Swiss magazine view reports conspicuous “dents” in the area of ​​the hinge.

Samsung is responding to the continuing problems with the Galaxy Fold with a postponed launch. The smartphone was originally intended to be released on the 26th of April in the USA, whereas in Germany so far the beginning of May had been mentioned as an appointment. First, today had that Wall Street Journal citing persons involved, Samsung will postpone the launch, but Samsung has issued an official statement in the meantime. Previously, cancellations of launch events in mainland China and Hong Kong had created uncertainty.

New appointment in the coming weeks

Accordingly, Samsung wants to call in the coming weeks a new date for the launch. Testers of the smartphone would have shown the company according to the opinion that the Galaxy Fold further improvements in order to guarantee the best customer experience. According to previous findings from Samsung, the open areas at the bottom and top of the hinge could allow dust to enter the unit.

Samsung now wants to better protect the display while ensuring that customers are better advised on how to handle the display and how best to protect it. Samsung also refers to the necessary protective film, which had been deducted by some testers. Here is the version for the regular sale to find a warning, which, however, is small. On the other hand, this hint should not have been applied to the previously distributed test devices.

Update 23.04.2019 13:16 clock

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