Does TikTok hesitate to share details of updates?

Does TikTok hesitate to share details of updates?

Until now, TikTok, accused of supporting the Chinese government's discrimination policy and applying censorship, came up with the fact that he did not share the details of the case. an update that he received yesterday.

In announcing that he has updated the principle of the virtual product, TikTok stated that he had set an age limit for users to stream live, win prizes and diamonds. At this point, users have been offered two options to accept this update by saying "OK" or by clicking "learn more" to review the update. Unfortunately, users who wanted to know more about the update encountered a 404 error.

Fast-growing social networks, such as TikTok, are forced to be more transparent to users about the principles that it publishes. Users have the right to know how they will affect them in the new version of a revised policy. For this reason, the fact that the updates are easily accessible is one of the most important points that TikTok must pay attention to. Otherwise, users may feel pressured to press "OK".

TikTok, who has been invited by the US Senate to review the protection of personal data in recent months, will have a positive effect on the impression he's left behind. Similarly, since TikTok is preparing to part with the TikTok application in China, Douyin, it is imperative that the company perfect the information process by anticipating that even the smallest mistakes will be misinterpreted during this period.

Nevertheless, the details of TikTok's virtual product principle update are available on the company's website. Let's add that the update, published on December 3rd, has been progressively published in new countries. Although access to the details of the update is not as simple as pressing a single button, users who want to know more about the subject can read the short article on the site. not offered language support for users in Turkey, pointing out there are also benefits.

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