Doom 64 (1997): Nintendo Doom comes to the PC

Doom 64 (1997): Nintendo-Doom kommt auf den PC

Doom 64 (1997): Nintendo Doom comes to the PC
Image: Bethesda

Doom 64 is not the 64th installment of the shooter series, but an offshoot exclusively developed for the Nintendo N64 in 1997. The classic, which Midway Games has developed under the guidance of the fathers' fathers, is now being brought to the PlayStation 4 and the PC ,

The now taken back offline age rating of PEGI is Gematsu In the eye, in addition to the new ports of Doom 1 and 2 also Doom 64 listed. Accordingly, the shooter ported for the PC and the PlayStation 4. Since the predecessor now also appear on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One, the release on these platforms is likely.

A sequel for Doom 2

Doom 64 is not a spin-off, but a continuation of the series. The action takes place after the events of the second Doom. Once players clean the earth of demonic invaders there, a sinister force revives the hellish hosts on Mars – in a more powerful, redesigned form.

However, these are not complete: Since the memory capacity of the game modules for the console was limited, not all demons could appear in the game. Also a split-screen and thus multiplayer mode, the developers painted among other things, for technical reasons. In return, an upgradeable laser cannon was added with the “Unmaker”.

Playfully, Doom 64 does not reinvent the wheel, it is based on the time-tested formula of the series, which was first changed with Doom 3 for the first time. Improvements in level design, difficulty, and graphics that were praised in contemporary reviews, however, earned the game the reputation of being the best Doom to date. This statement was sometimes used in a twofold sense and gently criticizes Doom 64 at its core being the same game as Doom and just feeling like porting the same game.

Playable on the PC

On the PC, Doom 64 can in principle be played longer. Owners of the N64 version can bring the title thanks to Doom64 EX based on the Kex engine in the form of a 1: 1 conversion on the PC. Alternatively, the Total Conversion Doom 64: The Absolution for Doom 2 can be used, which replicates the levels of the N64 game, but also makes changes.

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