Driving Mode: Google Assistant replaces Android Auto on smartphones

Driving Mode: Google Assistant löst Android Auto auf Smartphones ab

Android Auto will soon be out of service on the smartphone and will be replaced by a new driving mode from the Google Assistant. Google wants to offer the new mode over the summer on all smartphones with Google Assistant. The well-known Android car on the display of the infotainment system remains intact.

Android Auto currently offers two modes for use in the car. On the one hand, Android Auto can be used on the screen of the infotainment system in the cockpit of the vehicle by connecting the smartphone to the car via USB cable or even wirelessly. As a result, while Android Auto is running on the smartphone, but the presentation takes place on the display of the car. For this mode, Google has announced an update with a dark theme and new operation for the I / O 2019.

New mode for use directly on the smartphone

Android Auto can also be displayed directly on the smartphone. This mode is for example for older generation vehicles that do not have their own screen or at least Android Auto not support it. Here Google wants to put on the Driving Mode of the Assistant for these tasks.

In order to start the driving mode of the Google Assistant, the smartphone must be in English with “Hey google, let's drive” be addressed. The assistant then switches to a new startup screen with an optimized display for the car. Navigation, last destinations, calls, messages, contacts or music are all accessible via large buttons. The Google Assistant uses sources of information, such as the calendar, to suggest goals based on deadlines. Podcasts that were previously paused are suggested in the car for media playback.

Calls and music in small view

Once navigation is started, calls and music controls will appear minimized on the smartphone screen to give the card more space and less distraction. Requests for music are displayed in a small area below the navigation, incoming calls also appear here and can be accepted or rejected by voice or touch.

According to Google, the new Driving Mode has the advantage that it can be used without the installation of an additional app, since the Google Assistant is always installed ex works on current Android devices. In contrast, Android Auto is not a Google-prescribed app, so you need to first visit the Play Store. If you want to use Android Auto on the car screen, you must continue to do so in the future.

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