Dropbox redesigned to suit corporate teamwork

Dropbox redesigned to suit corporate teamwork

DropboxTo date, the general function of the user's files on the computer at the same time and then back up to share these files with others appeared to be. However, the company has different goals. Because Dropbox, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce, Trello and Zoom wants to operate as ventures as appropriate to teamwork.

Dropbox introduces the new Dropbox, where almost all of the initiatives mentioned above combine functions on a single platform. Now it is possible to send Slack messages and start Zoom video broadcast with the new Dropbox. Let's underline that all these features of Dropbox, which draws attention with their new integrations, can be done with desktop application. In short, Dropbox's new design is available on the desktop.

The blog post published by the company states that a kind of platform is being designed to help organize the corporate affairs. What is meant here is; users can create new things without leaving the new Dropbox application, and give users the opportunity to collaborate.

What can be done with the new Dropbox?

Google and Microsoft-based documents, account presentations and spreadsheets can be started and edited. File sharing will also be possible during the Slack and Zoom interviews mentioned earlier. Jira and Trello manage similar projects. Moreover, each web application will not have to be opened individually on separate tabs. With the new Dropbox, it's convenient for things like creating a to-do list, assigning tasks, adding comments, or seeing which team member does what job. At the same time, all the Dropbox files can be searched easily with the refreshed search bar.

Windows or Mac users who want to access the new Dropbox desktop application early can apply from this link.

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