Duplex on the Web: Google Assistant fills web pages automatically

Duplex on the Web: Google Assistant füllt Webseiten automatisiert aus

Google brings its so far known as speech robot technology duplex in the World Wide Web. Google Duplex on the Web is designed to help automate tasks on the Internet through Google Assistant. Google demonstrated the advanced system using the example of a rental car booking via a website.

Duplex as the technology behind an expanded Google Assistant caused the I / O's astonishment among developers last year when the voice assistant almost unnoticed reserved a table in a restaurant for the other side of the phone call, even answering further questions safely. Even only man-known dropouts or noises while thinking was realistically imitated.

Google Duplex on the Web
Google Duplex on the Web

Google Duplex on the Web
Google Duplex on the Web

Rent a car only with voice command

Now Duplex should also be used in the World Wide Web. As Duplex for the Web, web page requests made through the Google Assistant can be executed. An example of this is the booking of a rental car. If the Google Assistant is asked to book a rental car at the time of vacation, Google may use the information on the calendar and elsewhere in the user account to fill in the form fields on a website.

In the specific example, the website of the US provider National was called. The fields for the pickup location of the car as well as the associated data were completely taken over without user intervention. Then, the search for a suitable rental car is performed automatically, the user only has to confirm in the last step with a single button that the selection made by the assistant is correct.

Duplex for the Web plans to expand the Assistant later this year.

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