Dutch court asks Facebook to block fake ads with celebrities

Facebook decodes users' voicemail

Famous Dutchman John de Mol sued Facebook in April for using him and other celebrities in fake Bitcoin ads on the platform. The Dutch court announced today the decision of the Facebook platform, the chief media officer, John de Mol, and other known personalities invited to remove the false ads containing images.

According to this decision, the Dutch government suffered damages of 1.8 million dollars, he said. In this case in the Netherlands, last year customer advisor Martin Lewis used visuals in counterfeit advertisements in the UK against the case that had drawn attention to the similarity of Facebook.

At the end of the trial, Facebook announced next month that it was going to launch a complaint button against counterfeit and fraudulent advertisements on the Dutch market. Add that this button is used in the United Kingdom since July.

The court said that Facebook was not proactive in removing Bitcoin ads from the platform, which used celebrity images. This constituted a violation of European Union law over the general requirements for the control of Internet platforms, but this approach was rejected by the European Supreme Court in the context of the recently published regulations on the obligations of the Internet. Platforms.

Another argument rejected by the court was produced by Facebook. Facebook's lawyers argued that the purpose of the restriction of false advertising was to restrict freedom of expression and freedom of information. At this point, it should be remembered that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the ad targeting was not freedom of expression.

Following the court order, Facebook forced the data subject to provide account data that improperly misused his photo within seven days of the decision and imposed a fine of up to seven days. 100,000 euros a day. If the company does not comply with the decision, the company will pay a maximum fine of 1000 euros per day.

Law professor Mireille Hildebrandt, who evaluates the case, argued that the violation of the RGPD should be included in the sentence and that it should be increased to 1 million euros.

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