Electric car manufacturer Rivian introduces new model targeting campers

Electric car manufacturer Rivian introduces new model targeting campers

Electric car manufacturer the RivierWith the launch at the Overland Expo, it announced its new model. Rivian, which manufactures electric vehicles in SUV and small van class, is preparing to offer an electric car experience to the target audience who loves camping together with the model it announced recently.

180kwh The Rivian R1T, which has a battery pack, is a pickup truck at first glance. However, in the version of the campers produced, there is a device in the luggage compartment of the vehicle which is very useful for the campers. This table layout can become a table for campers to prepare their meals. Thus, the Rivian owner campers can have cooking or cooking facilities in this facility, which is opened next to the vehicle. In addition, there is also an electric cooker. Next to the camp fire, this electric cooker is also ready for quick use thanks to the electric motor of the vehicle.

Rivian R1TThere is also a tent in the trunk. The tent is installed on top of the trunk of the vehicle. This way, the campers are getting rid of a lot of trouble when setting up the tent. However, the fact that the tent is not in contact with the ground offers a safer camping experience.

Rivian's goal is to go to such an audience, especially for those who love camping life. We do not know if there can be a preferable tool in the niche market, but it is possible to say that an electric car model which is strong enough to attract the interest of nature lovers especially loves camping.

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