Electronic Arts: Publisher Suggests Return to Steam [Notiz]

Electronic Arts: Publisher deutet Rückkehr auf Steam an

Electronic Arts: Publisher Suggests Return to Steam

Electronic Arts suggests that their own games will be sold on Steam again. Since the launch of Origin, current in-house productions have been sold there exclusively to save the platform owner's revenue share.

The hint was EA itself via Twitter. There was a short video of a cup with EA logo released, from the steam rises (Steam). That it really has to go to the distribution of games, make rumors of the last few days clear. In the changelog of the platform, a test application was found, with which the Origin client can be started via Steam – and thus announces a return of the publisher.

It also makes clear which games EA sells. Unlike temporary Microsoft not only old, but allegedly all titles can be purchased on Steam, because as with Ubisoft, the Steam application only launches the publisher client. The choice of platform is also interesting in comparison. After Ubisoft also positioned in the Epic Games Store and will offer games there and on Uplay, EA returns to its competitor Steam.

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