Elon Musk's high-speed satellite project Starlink's details

Elon Musk's high-speed satellite project Starlink's details

SpaceXis preparing to send the first Starlink internet satellites to orbit. Elon Musk at the latest in 2027 the world is high-speed Starlink aims to surround with internet satellites. However, according to shared information, this plan may take place before 2027.

The main purpose of the Starlink project 12 thousand satellite to provide an affordable and high-speed internet to the whole world by wrapping the world around. The vast majority of the world Internet Although it has access, there are still regions where internet access is limited and too expensive.

To solve this problem, the Starlink project, which is attempted to solve this problem, will be able to provide internet access with only one antenna. SpaceX this week 60 piece Starlink was preparing to send the internet satellite into orbit. But sending satellites was postponed twice.

SpaceX, sharing a comment on the subject, software updates Starlink announced that he would send his satellites to orbit about a week after the sending of satellites had been postponed. Elon Musk, who explained the Starlink plan, underlined the need for 12 thousand satellites to install a fully functional internet service that will save SpaceX.

For the time being, orbiting the earth 2nd thousand Let's add that there is satellite working actively. SpaceX aims to send 60 satellites at a time Falcon 9 rocket According to the information he shared, SpaceX plans to send a satellite into orbit every month for 2 years.

If the plan takes place, the vast majority of the world's orbit will belong to SpaceX. First 400 the satellite Internet service is expected to be available after sending. According to shared information, Starlink project may start accepting its first customers after 12 months if there are no delays.

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