eSport School Championship: German students in second and third place

eSport-Schulmeisterschaft: Deutsche Schüler auf dem zweiten und dritten Platz

eSport School Championship: German students in second and third place
Image: German Games School Championship

With the World eSport school championships, the people in charge from Ukraine want to invite students worldwide to compete in competitive gambling. At the first event of this kind, the German teams from Darmstadt and Berlin-Lichterfelde prevailed over other participants and took second and third place.

In the final against TPE Tongtex from Taipei, the students from Darmstadt could not prevail in the game League of Legends, but managed something that no one thought of the participants before. Top player Sebastian from Darmstadt justified the defeat with the superiority of the Taiwanese, which “in a different league [spielen]“. Also, be the style of the finalists “geared for highest concentration and tactical maneuvers“.

However, the Taiwanese also have a decisive advantage. Because in the school system of the country a professional eSport environment is already implemented. This is how teacher and coach of the team Gabriel Stüdemann see it and envy the students for this advantage. Nevertheless one has “new friends in Ukraine and especially from Taiwan won“.

Promote cultural activity and eSports

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ukrainian School Sports Federation and Esports Ukraine. It should bring the eSport forward and thus carry on the idea of ​​the sport. The program also includes cultural activities such as music, gymnastics, climbing, paintball, indoor games and sightseeing.

In addition to League of Legends, also Dota 2 was on the program, in which the Georgians from Tbilisi won. On the part of the participants, the event is well received and should be supported by a “perfect organization, humor and enthusiastic spectators“Have distinguished. Whether an event will take place next year is not yet known.

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