Facebook decodes users' voicemail

Facebook decodes users' voicemail

Facebook's hundreds of outsourced contracted employees, users appeared to decipher the audio files. The situation that arose when an employee serving Facebook in this field explained his work to the press reveals the violation of user privacy.

Contracted employees are not told where the audio recording was made or how it was obtained, but said that these files should only be transcribed. Employees who listen to Facebook users' conversations say that they sometimes decipher obscene content and convert it into text. In addition, employees do not know why Facebook is converting these content into text.

Facebook accepts that the audio files are decoded and converted to text, and announced that it ended this work weeks ago. Facebook: “Just like Apple and Google, we've stopped evaluating audio files for more than a week.” expression.

The company also said that the affected users are users who have approved the decoding of voice chats in Facebook's Messenger application. It seems that contract workers were checking whether Facebook's artificial intelligence translated the anonymized messages correctly.

Large tech companies like Amazon and Apple have been criticized for collecting audio file snippets from users' devices and allowing people to review them. This practice, which violated user privacy, was first introduced in April when Amazon listened to Alexa voice commands. Note that the same application is in Apple's Siri and Alphabet is in Google Now. Apple and Google have announced that they are no longer maintaining this application, while Amazon offers users the option of not collecting audio recordings.

If you recall, Mark Zuckerberg, in his testimony last year in the Senate, “Facebook considers the claim of” conspiracy theory, “he said, and did not do anything like that. In the following process, the company announced that only users can access the microphone if users allow the application and actively use a microphone-enabled feature, such as voicemail.

The company paid $ 5 billion to the Federal Trade Commission last month for violating user privacy and will not care about the scandals and penalties it faces; continues to disregard the privacy of its users.

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