Facebook: E-mail contacts collected by 1.5 million users

Facebook: E-Mail-Kontakte von 1,5 Millionen Nutzern gesammelt

The social network Facebook is barely coming out of the headlines about data scandals. It has now become known that Facebook has for many years downloaded the email contact details of many users without their prior consent to their own servers. Facebook has confirmed that 1.5 million users are affected.

Question about email password on Facebook login

The data should have been recorded as part of new applications on Facebook since May 2016. Only a few weeks ago it was discovered that some users are asked for the password of their own e-mail account when creating a Facebook account. For the registration the confirmation of the e-mail address is necessary, but below the form also the input of the own E-Mail password should have been requested The Daily Beast reported.

When asked about the highly questionable approach, spokesmen from Facebook told media that “the password verification option is not the best way“And promised that this practice would be discontinued. It was also assured that the e-mail passwords that were fished in this way would not be saved.

Facebook has saved email contacts without consent

The suspicion that Facebook with the procedure to gain access to the e-mail contacts of inexperienced users and collect them has now been confirmed. Across from Business Insider A spokesman for Facebook has acknowledged that the contacts of 1.5 million users were collected in this way and stored on the company's servers in order to use them, for example, to display the recommended contacts on Facebook.

The statement from Facebook states, “that people's email contacts were unintentionally uploaded to Facebook when they created their account“. It is assured that the contacts have not been disclosed to third parties and will now be deleted. Affected users want to notify the company about the incident.

Facebook deals sloppily with user data

The new data scandal on Facebook is just one of many. In early April, it was revealed that data on 540 million Facebook users were stored on an unsecured Amazon cloud storage. Shortly before, Facebook confirmed that passwords were stored by hundreds of millions of users unencrypted and therefore in clear text on internal servers, making it accessible to thousands of employees.

Only in March, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had made big promises for more privacy in the future social network. Getting the ball rolling was the Cambridge-Analytica scandal, which included data from 87 million users.

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