Facebook employees warned years ago about the company Cambridge Analytica

Facebook employees warned years ago about the company Cambridge Analytica

SEC According to complaints published yesterday Facebook employees in early September 2015 Cambridge AnalyticaFaaliyet s activities. With a lawsuit earlier this year, Facebook appeared to be aware of its concerns about the controversial data company.

Some of the SEC's red-flagged complaints include the potential abuse of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica, the characterization of Cambridge Analytica as an infiltrating data modeling company, and the concerns already heard by employees in the political advertising unit.

On Wednesday, the SEC was part of an agreement on an investigation into Facebook's handling of social network user data. A fine of $ 100 million had announced. Facebook has quietly agreed to pay $ 100 million announced. It is possible to say that Facebook wants to open a new page on privacy and data protection.

A Facebook spokesman pointed to the statements he made earlier this year on the emergence of court decisions suggesting that staff working in September 2015, when asked about the details in the SEC document. This statement includes information that employees have heard of Cambridge Analytica's speculation since March.

Facebook spokesman, Kogan’s data violations of the policies of the use of Facebook learned that they took action, he added. But there are signs that confuse us here. Doesn't Facebook pay attention to employees' ideas? Or is he hiding something else about the Cambridge Analytica scandal? The answer to these questions will emerge as the subject is examined.

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