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So far, working with solar energy Aquila drone'e open source software and hardware for carriers to develop many projects to improve the internet infrastructure Facebook, MWC Barcelona event said that will not give up this mission.

In an interview with MWC, Facebook Engineering Director Yael Maguire expressed the situation in these terms:

Ihirli The only thing consistent from the beginning is that there is no magic solution. We try to contribute to different parts of the ecosystem. Things like ecosystems, Terragraphs can be found in busy urban markets or in rural markets where we do Express Wi-Fi. “

Let us also note that Facebook shares new partnerships and new projects that it has established to expand its Internet infrastructure projects at MWC. One of the most interesting projects is Internet money Todos (IpT) Peru.

With this project, Facebook wants to show that it is possible to create an affordable rural mobile infrastructure provider. The company collaborates with Telefonica, IDB Invest and CAF for this project. Facebook's new open access network is intended to be open to all carriers.

Maguire elaborated the project with the following sentences:

Kesim It is economically difficult to think of linking small communities in the countryside of Peru independently of other parts of the world. The idea behind this is that we can create an open-access shared infrastructure and allow others to innovate and create competition in business models. Bun

For the time being, this model does not have a lot of testing on the Maguire, this model in the work of Facebook, over time, plans to implement this model elsewhere. If this model works, it is expected that after a step, commercial suppliers will be able to make money by linking these small rural communities.

Meanwhile, one of the highlights of the company's event was the investment in the 750km open access fiber project in Nigeria. This project is aimed at providing fiber connections to more than one million people. Moreover, Facebook is investing in this project with many local government agencies. If you remember the company had previously signed a similar project in Uganda.

He said that they gained a serious experience in the Uganda project and that they had learned how to place the fiber economically under large water bodies, especially in this project. Maguire said that they also learned how to work with the local bureaucracy, and that the bureaucracy was more difficult than technical difficulties.

Maguire also says there is no more recent technology than they currently produce, and is also aware of the small scale of these projects. However, as Facebook expands its experience in this field, it will expand its work and bring more projects to Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

We should also note that Facebook has announced its new partners for the Express Wif-Fi service at the event. He has partnerships with Cell C in South Africa, Vodafone in Ghana, and Facebook, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia.

In the Express Wi-Fi project, Facebook will collaborate with internet providers and mobile operators to help them build their Wi-Fi business. Thus, local entrepreneurs will have the means to provide internet access to their neighbors.

Facebook also announced that Magma has been released at the event. Magma, the new open source platform, makes mobile network distribution easy for carriers. Magmaors partner Telefonica uses this technology in Latin America and BRCK uses it as a pilot in a new LTE network in Kenya.

One of the company's successful projects, which provides fast internet connection to the city, Terragraph'ın Greece and Athens, Brazil, the new test began in the city of Curitiba.

On the hardware side, it has added new partnerships such as Nokia and Radwin. Apparently; Facebook does not give up the mission of taking the internet all over the world.

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