Facebook introduces new video advertising tools for Watch

Facebook introduces new video advertising tools for Watch

Facebook today announced its new video strategy and advertising models. The company also introduced Showcase, a video advertising program, the program, online video and TV advertisers will be able to buy more opportunities to reach their audience, he said.

With this statement, the company announced the launch of new content packages such as Meals and News for the In-Stream Reserve program. At this point, let's say that the In-Stream Reserve program places fixed costs on hundreds of videos created by publishers and content producers. Thus, the newly created Food and News content packages have taken their place alongside the already existing Sports, Fashion / Beauty and Entertainment categories.

The sponsors model, which Facebook recently announced, helps advertisers to sponsor a program for US audiences in particular, and their ads take part in video-like themes.

Matthew Henick, head of Facebook's content strategy, said of these new developments:

Önce When we launched Facebook Watch more than 18 months ago to build a place that brings people together with friends and family while watching videos, we only started in the US and made Watch as a closed platform. The main feedback we received was that audiences wanted a larger and varied set of content. Ald

In this context, we note that Showcase includes both In-Stream Reserve categories and Sponsorships. Moreover, Showcase is currently open to campaigns targeting US audiences.

According to Facebook, more than 100 million people in the US are watching the content that is appropriate for In-Stream Reserve. 43% of these viewers are between the ages of 18-34. It is also worth mentioning that this age range is 28 percent among TV viewers. Obviously, when we consider that the mentioned demographics are frequently preferred by advertisers, it is possible to say that new video advertising models in Facebook Watch and Watch focus on value.

Moreover, according to the data shared by Facebook, 400 million users watch at least 1 video per month. 75 million of viewers consume at least 1 minute of content. Let daily viewers consume 20 minutes of content per day on average.

In fact, Facebook owes a large portion of these figures to its original content. These include ABD Human Discoveries, “starring Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick, yeniden The Real World“, MTV's remake, and baş Returning the Favor, şt localized for the US, Mexico and Thailand. Similarly, the contents of the ABC News, CNN, Business Insider and NowThis publishers are also in demand.

Together with new advertising tools, Facebook will continue to invest in new original content in the news focus for Watch. Facebook's video leader for news partnerships, Shelley Venus, said in a statement that they will continue to collaborate with new news publishers for a sustainable video business.

YouTube, the leader in video content, is slowly losing advertisers with moderation problems, while Watch is determined to attract advertisers with stable growth.

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