Facebook is looking for journalists to manage the new News tab

Facebook is looking for journalists to manage the new News tab

Facebook is looking for journalists to hire for the new News tab. The company, which has long been criticized for false news on its platform, may be taking this step to improve its reputation.

Facebook announced that it is looking for experienced journalists to become news curators by sharing 3 job postings. News curators will publish important news of the day from the content of the publishers on the platform, develop plans for news events, analyze data to inform the news strategy department, and work with product teams to improve the user experience.

Two of the open positions are in the United States, and one in London. The applicants are expected to have a four-year undergraduate degree and are expected to have more than 5 years of experience in journalism. These candidates, who are expected to have excellent level of news reasoning, are also looking for digital journalism experience.

The team is expected to be composed of a small number of people. For now, it remains unclear how many journalists Facebook will employ in this regard, while the team is predicted to be less than 10 people. At this point, let's remind that Apple News team consists of 30 people.

In the meantime, Facebook's journalists will be tasked with selecting articles for the most read news category. Therefore, the task of journalists is curated rather than producing content. Let's add that the categories in the tab will mostly be determined by the algorithm. In this determination, the algorithm will take into account the pages that people follow and the news they have already shared or interacted with.

The head of the team is Campbell Brown, Facebook's news affiliates director. However, the team will work independently from the team that adds publishers to the platform.

It is also worth noting that the company is doing its best to add major publishers The New York Times and The Washington Post to the new News tab, which is expected to be released in the US in late October. The company even offers publishers up to $ 3 million annually to publish their content on Facebook for 3 years.

It is possible for publishers who have had strained relations with the company for a long time due to the algorithm changes and revenue imbalance on Facebook, and can change their minds as the social network prioritizes publisher content.

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