Facebook: Zuckerberg wants to fight against smashing

Facebook: Zuckerberg will gegen Zerschlagung kämpfen

Humble, remorseful, almost submissive – this is how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented himself in public in recent months. A penance for the many scandals. Internally, however, he shows himself more aggressive and threatens with massive resistance to a potential breakup of the group.

As The Verge According to reports, the magazine has audio clips from two conferences in July, during which the Facebook boss asked questions from the staff. These internal question-and-answer rounds were scheduled because of the incidents in recent months. A $ 5 billion fine from the FCC regulator, social network voting, massive criticism of the Libra crypto currency project, and the now battered reputation of Facebook – there was a lot to discuss.

Resistance to smashing

So it is about the question of whether Zuckerberg was worried that a breakup of Facebook will be discussed. His answer: he was worried that someone would “to attempt“Would. This refers to Elizabeth Warren, who wants to compete in the coming year for the Democrats as a presidential candidate against Donald Trump. Besides Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, she is considered one of the most promising contenders. And smashing tech monopolies is one of their campaign promises.

For Zuckerberg this is obviously not an empty promise. He assumes that there will be lawsuits if Warren is elected. And he thinks Facebook would win those processes. But he is not enthusiastic about it. “I do not want to hold a big lawsuit against our government“, Says Zuckerberg. However, if threatened so existentially, “you go to the mat and fight.

As expected, he considers breaking up the wrong way anyway. Problems like influencing elections would not be solved in this way.

It's just that breaking up these companies, whether it's Facebook or Google or Amazon, is not going to solve the issues. And, you know, it does not make any interference. It makes it more likely because now the companies can not coordinate and work together.

Mark Zuckerberg in the question and answer round

How to deal with the market power of tech giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google, has been discussed for years. However, debates over the smashing of companies like Facebook or Amazon and Google have picked up speed only in recent months – fueled by Elizabeth Warren, among others. For example, the US administration has scheduled an official investigation. However, this topic is not only in the USA, also in Germany, this demand appears regularly.

That Facebook take such initiatives seriously, can also be seen in the future direction of the Group – at least if you want to believe insiders and analysts. So leaked at the beginning of the year that Zuckerberg wants to unify the technical infrastructure of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Justification: Better service for users. But it was also discussed whether this was not an attempt to come before a breakup. If the social networks are closely linked, they can no longer be torn apart easily.

Criticism of Libra and working conditions – all a bit overdramatic

In addition to the threatened smashing Zuckerberg commented on other topics. Of course, there is the crypto-currency project Libra, which should start in 2020. The preparations are not easy according to Zuckerberg. So it would not be synonymous with a new feature in an app, which you can import via an update and that users can use just like that. Many aspects, such as the prevention of money laundering or the financing of terrorism, should be taken into account. Numerous discussions with representatives of regulatory authorities are required.

These talks would run according to his statements also good. But in public, that looks a bit different. “Public things, I think, are usually a bit more dramatic“, Says Zuckerberg.

That public criticism has something todramatic“Fails, seems to be a basic attitude of Zuckerberg. Similarly, he also commented on reports that revealed poor working conditions among contractors who moderate and control content for Facebook. Zuckerberg's reaction is: “Some of the reports, I think, are a bit overdramatic.

However, he also emphasizes that psychological help is required for the moderation teams. The victims would have to partly with “bad things“Deal, accordingly, then the working conditions would have to vote.


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