Fiat agrees with Tesla to get rid of billions of dollars in CO2 emissions

When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, the European Union is the most challenging region of the world for automobile manufacturers. Because in the automobile world where about 12% of the greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for, billions of dollars can be fined for vehicle manufacturers who do not reduce CO2 emissions to the targeted level.

In 2017, a new car with an average emission level of 118.5 grams of CO2 per kilometer is supposed to be 95 grams of CO2 per 2021 emission level. This means that vehicle manufacturers need to launch more electric vehicles.

There is no way that the American-Italian vehicle manufacturer Fiat Chrysler, which has been following its competitors in lower gear in the production of electric vehicles, has been able to fulfill the EU-regulated regulations in this limited time frame. But the brand has a B plan.

According to the Financial Times, Fiat Chrysler will add electric cars to its fleet from the US manufacturer Tesla to comply with EU emissions regulations that are getting even more solid each year. The vehicle manufacturer is ready to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to Tesla.

In the future, it was decided to combine the CO2 emissions of the vehicles of both companies in Europe and calculate an average value. The deal would of course save Fiat Chrysler for billions of dollars.

However, along with the agreement made, Elon Musk is still at the target of criticism. Although the German Welt newspaper criticized Musk for 'selling its vision', it could be one of the smartest steps to be taken for Tesla. BecauseTesla, who has frequently been on the agenda to find problems in production and cash finding, has found a strong alternative.

Tesla had earned $ 280 million in 2017 and $ 103 million in 2018, with such emission credits.

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