File Manager: ES File Explorer banned from Play Store by Google

Dateimanager: ES Datei Explorer von Google aus Play Store verbannt

The file manager ES File Explorer used by many Android users is currently no longer available in the Play Store. Reason should be an extensive click fraud in applications of the developer DO Global. Now Google has pulled the ripcord and banned all apps of the group.

Already noticed several times

The current incident is merely the known drop, which finally overflowed the barrel at Google. For some time rumors have been heard that the file manager should also be affected by a vulnerability in the Baidu browser, with which data was also sent to China. A short time later, more users of the pro variant spoke up, which allegedly quietly and secretly an adware with the name “Charging Boost” was pushed. But even in the free version, the once-recommended tool has angered users by displaying ads on the lockscreen while charging, thereby displacing other ads.

Locked accounts

Now the developers of the app could have attracted attention again unpleasant, because they should have been involved in a broad-based click fraud. It should have simulated some apps of the developer studio clicks on banner ads without action of the user. The improperly earned income flowed into the pockets of the company. Whether these programs include the ES file Explorer, is not yet confirmed. However, Google blocked all developer accounts and removed many DO Global applications from the store. This is to ensure that initially no other apps of the company reach the Play Store.

Developers want to enlighten

DO Global has meanwhile responded to the allegations in a statement. The company declares the seriousness of the allegations recognized and initiated an internal investigation. In addition, Google would work closely to clarify the matter.

Whether and when the popular file manager will return to the Play Store is still unclear. The tool is still available through Amazon's own app store.

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