Final Fantasy VII Remake: 1st Class Edition costs 300 Euro (Update)

Final Fantasy VII Remake: 1st Class Edition kostet 300 Euro

As Square Enix announced at E3 2019, the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released on March 3, 2020. In addition to the standard and deluxe editions, the Japanese company is also sending a 1st Class Edition to pre-sale, which nevertheless sets itself apart from most Collector's Editions.

In addition to the compulsory Standard Edition for 70 euros and the Deluxe Edition for 90 euros, the motto of Square Enix at the 1st Class Edition was: “Do not blob, paddle!” That goes apart from the extras, especially for the price of this Collector's Edition. Proud 300 euros have fans of Cloud Strife & Co. for the coveted collectible over the counter rich. For the buyer receives special extras.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - 1st Class Edition for 300 Euro
Final Fantasy VII Remake – 1st Class Edition for 300 Euros

Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition for $ 90
Final Fantasy VII Remake – Deluxe Edition for 90 Euro

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Artbook (Hardcover)
  • Cloud Strife (main character) action figure
  • Hardy Daytona (motorcycle) action figure
  • Sephiroth Steelbook
  • Mini Soundtrack CD
  • Summon Materia: Cactor
  • Summoning Materia: Carbuncle
  • Summon Materia: Chocobo Chicks

The release date for the PS4 is fixed

The Final Fantasy VII remake will be released on March 3, 2020 on two Blu-rays for Sony's current generation of consoles. In addition, both the standard and the Deluxe Edition will be digitally downloadable. However, it is still completely unclear when the PC version appears.

Possible cross gene release planned

Already at the E3, there was a lot of speculation about whether the remake will be released for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Currently, Square Enix could not even give accurate information about each release or the number of episodes. The only thing that is certain so far is that in the first episode, only the action at the beginning of the story around the circular metropolis Midgar should be playable. By the time the entire game is released with all its episodes, the next-gen consoles will probably be on the market for a long time. In view of this, a cross-gene release would make sense.

A two-parter or annual episodes?

It remains highly questionable in which periods the next episodes will appear and whether the Final Fantasy VII remake is a two-parter with prologue and main body in the style of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain or fragmented on countless episodes becomes.

Update 15.06.2019 23:31 clock

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