Fire HD 10 (Kids Edition) in the test: Eight cores justify no change

Fire HD 10 (Kids Edition) im Test: Acht Kerne rechtfertigen keinen Umstieg

tl; dr: With the new Fire HD 10 Amazon sets now on a processor with eight cores as the only real innovation over its predecessor. New customers continue to receive a cheap media tablet with this, but for a conversion recommendation from the 2017 version, the changes are not enough.

Design and workmanship

From the outside, the new Fire 10 HD has not changed much compared to its 2017 predecessor. Amazon also relies on a no-frills design for the new tablet, making it hard to distinguish from the previous generation and, in the new version, once again seamlessly integrating into the existing Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 portfolio. The fact that the new Fire tablet like its smaller brothers looks a bit clunky, not least because of the wide edges. However, these offer the advantage of comfortable holding, without the user running the risk of reaching the display with his thumb and accidentally taking action.

Favorable price only feasible with plastic

Plastics are still used as the predominant material. Something else should not be expected for the starting price of 150 euros, the user including “special offers” for the tablet in the entry-level version with 32 GB. That makes the Fire HD 10 but also quite easy, although the weight of initially 500 grams has now increased minimally to 504 grams. The dimensions have remained the same with 262 × 159 × 9.8 millimeters.

Amazon Fire HD 10 in the test
Amazon Fire HD 10 in the test

The processing is good in terms of price, even if significant creaking sounds are heard at greater force. However, there is still the problem that the gap between the display and the frame increases when you press the side edges.

Change to USB-C

The controls and their arrangement remained the same. At the top, you will find the volume control and the power button, both of which sit quite firmly and offer good pressure points. In addition to the latter, the only directly visible innovation in the current Fire HD 10 is placed: So Amazon to connect to other devices and power supply no longer on the previous USB port in micro-format, but now on the services of USB-C, if only in the 2.0 version. This means in addition to faster transfer rates charging with up to 15 watts, Amazon puts the tablet but only the already known power supply with a power of 9 watts. On the other hand, it is pleasing that, contrary to the current trend, the manufacturer does not dispense with the headphone connection.

The controls are still in the same place, only the USB-C port is new
The controls are still in the same place, only the USB-C port is new

On the left side, the two stereo speakers are unchanged, which are designed in their orientation for the new tablet version for the output of films. On the right side, Amazon has again put the slot for memory cards in micro-format. For this, the manufacturer now guarantees the support of memory cards up to 512 GB instead of 256 GB as before, even if the larger version performed its service in the previous version mostly without hesitation.

Also renewed Kids Edition

In addition to the basic model, Amazon has taken advantage of the hour and at the same time revised the children's edition, which was aimed especially at children. In contrast to the pure Fire HD 10, which is available in the memory versions 32 and 64 GB, the children edition is to have only a smaller memory. The technical base, however, remains the same.

The special version differs from the normal tablet version in three things: By the protective cover in blue, pink or purple, by the free one-year membership on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and by the still two-year “carefree guarantee”. FreeTime Unlimited will be reviewed later.

Made of hard foam sleeve has grown in size and now houses a small stand for setting up the new Fire HD 10. Although this is infinitely adjustable, but from a certain angle of inclination can no longer hold the weight of the tablet.

The new Fire HD 10 in the Kids Edition now includes a stand for setting up
The new Fire HD 10 in the Kids Edition now includes a stand for setting up

Otherwise, the case should protect the tablet from dangers such as falling and falling down. Should damage nevertheless occur, Amazon's carefree guarantee applies, in which the manufacturer claims the tablet for two years from the date of purchase even for self-inflicted damages according to their own statements “no ifs and buts“Replaced. However, this protection has its price, which amounts to the Fire HD 10 in the Kids Edition to 199.99 euros. For this, Amazon does not advertise on this.

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