Firefox for Android: Nightly version will be based on new technology in the future

Firefox für Android: Nightly-Version basiert zukünftig auf neuer Technik

Firefox for Android: Nightly version will be based on new technology in the future
Image: Mozilla

Mozilla has revised its Firefox browser for Android and will be using its own GeckoView engine in the future. Previously known as Firefox Preview, Mozilla would like to use the previous preview version as a regular version for Android in the future. It starts with the Nightly version, which is aimed at developers.

New engine for more speed

GeckoView is Gecko, the browser engine on which Firefox Quantum is based – but packaged as a reusable Android library. GeckoView enables faster surfing and is developed by the Firefox team itself, according to Mozilla. In addition, the new web browser borrows from the Firefox Klar, which is designed for privacy and uses the tracking protection – like the previous preview version – in strict mode as standard.

In addition to more speed and data protection, Mozilla also wants to use the new Firefox base to make itself more independent from Google and the HTML rendering engine Blink.

While all other major Android browsers are currently based on Blink and are therefore dependent on Google’s decisions about mobile, GeckoView ensures independence for us and the Firefox users.


Stable version still in the first half of 2020

The migration of the Nightly version starts on January 21st, like the organization over the Mozilla Blog announced. The Nightly version will be followed by a beta version in spring and the stable release of Firefox for Android is planned for the first half of 2020.

The realignment of the Firefox web browser for Android was initiated by a survey of users of the Firefox preview version, the feedback “overwhelmingly positive“Failed, so Mozilla. This was the decisive factor in promptly converting the regular version for Firefox to the technology of the Firefox Preview.

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