First person shooter: Blizzard discontinues development of StarCraft Battlefield

Ego-Shooter: Blizzard stellt Entwicklung von StarCraft-Battlefield ein

Starcraft shooters are still out of luck. Years After StarCraft: Ghosts introduces Blizzard to the next, but never announced spin-off of the strategy game series. The concept that has been developed for two years is described as “Battlefield in the StarCraft Universe“.

While Blizzard shrouded in silence, could Kotaku from three sources gather information about the internally called “Ares” project and its end.

Shooter was still a prototype

Ares was developed only in the prototype stage. In playable versions, Terrans could shoot at Zerg, reports Kotaku, who should also be made playable. The game was based on the Overwatch engine, which should reduce Blizzard's usual untypical development time for new games. The progress described one of the interviewed Blizzard employees as “slowly“But another as promising.

The game was mainly discontinued because more developers were needed for the brands Diablo and Overwatch. Specifically, the development of Diablo 4, which is more stylistically oriented towards Diablo 2, and Overwatch 2 were strengthened. Overwatch 2 is said to have more PvE components and is compared to Left 4 Dead. With this concept Overwatch 2 should not replace its eSport established predecessor, but potentially more complementary. The unveiling of both games is expected to Blizzcon in the fall.

Blizzard takes a vague position

Blizzard himself spoke only in general terms to Kotaku. The company explained why games would be presented late in the development process. This should avoid disappointment and frustration for all involved as well as pressure and distractions for the developers. Decisions would be made based on corporate values.

In addition, Blizzard writes that it makes the most sense for the company and players alike. Work on such projects is not in vain, it serves as the basis for “great things“And promote a culture of experiment. The “WoW successor”, the MMO “Titan”, was discontinued after long years of development, but parts of the program used for Overwatch.

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