Foxconn can move iPhone production outside of China

Important transfer for Apple cars from Apple

Technology production and installation is one of the first companies that come to mind FoxconnApple is one of the biggest customers we know. Apple, iPhone, which is the most important member of the revenue item, produces in China with Foxconn.

According to shared information China and USA The trade war between China and the iPhone can be produced in another country. He is a senior executive at Foxconn, based in Taiwan. Young LiuThe company announced that it would be able to carry iPhone production out of China if the trade war between the US and China continues.

Production capacity 25 percent's out of China, underlining Young Liu, production in other countries can help Apple in the shared. Speaking at an investor conference, Liu said they have the capacity to meet Apple's demands.

Let us remind that the production in China is very important for Apple. Apple sells globally iPhone and iPad The vast majority of models are still produced in China. China, which is very important not only for production but also for sales, constitutes one third of Apple's iPhone revenue.

The more important China is to Apple, the more important it is for Foxconn. Taiwan based company's revenues half of Let's remind you it's from Apple. For the moment, Apple has not made a statement on the subject and iPhone production is not given instructions on how to make from outside China. We will continue to tell you about the developments.

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