Free Game: Epic Games is giving away Alan Wake and For Honor [Notiz]

Gratisspiel: Epic Games verschenkt Alan Wake und For Honor

Free Game: Epic Games is giving away Alan Wake and For Honor
Image: Ubisoft

Epic Games will again be giving away two games this week: Over the next seven days, the company's online shop will include the sword fighting game For Honor and action thriller Alan Wake for free.

With For Honor Ubisoft stages medieval sword fights between fighters of different cultures. The title was conceived as a service offering with a focus on multiplayer mode and has been continuously improved since its launch in 2015 and expanded with new content. Free is the standard edition of the game, which leaves the time to unlock new characters on a bearable level compared to the cheaper starter edition.

Alan Wake is written by Remedy (Max Payne), whose next game Control will be released exclusively in the Epic Store. When developing the thriller, the developers were inspired by the series Twin Peaks and the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Both For Honor and Alan Wake will be available for free by 8th August through their Epics Store shop pages. A free user account is required at Epic Games to participate in the promotion.

Next week, Epic Games is giving away the Gnog puzzle game. The series of weekly free games Epic Games wants to continue until the end of the year.

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