Galaxy Buds + in practice: Samsung donates larger batteries and an iOS app to In-Ears

Samsung is relaunching the fully wireless Galaxy Buds headset as a longer model and, most importantly, giving it longer battery life. Samsung also claims to have optimized the sound, especially during phone calls. The new Galaxy Buds + is available for pre-order from two of the three Galaxy S20 (practical) free.

Donated Galaxy Buds + Samsung Larger batteries both in the compact headset itself and in the charging case, which can be charged via USB Type C and wirelessly via Qi standard. In each of the headphones, the Galaxy Buds + has a battery of 82 mAh, while last year’s generation, which was introduced with the Galaxy S10 series, was 58 mAh. The jump with 270 mAh instead of 252 mAh is smaller for the charging box. Instead of the usual 6 hours of use, Samsung specifies up to 11 hours of typical battery life for the Galaxy Buds +.

Third microphone and new colors

The sound quality should benefit from a new bidirectional driver, which should be more differentiated than the previously proposed model. A third innovation that users should benefit from when making calls is a third microphone. With the first Galaxy Buds, the voice quality during calls was particularly unconvincing. ComputerBase was already able to watch the new generation, but has not yet been able to test it on a daily basis.

Design and adjustment of helmet remain virtually unchanged from last year. However, Samsung will be offering the Galaxy Buds + in new colors, this time completely finished in gloss, after the first Galaxy Buds, with the exception of the tips, have been coated with a layer of mat paint. This change also applies to the case, which is now still shiny. The new colors are black, white and baby blue for the headphones and charging case, while the current generation is available in black, white, silver and yellow.

Fully compatible with the iOS app for the first time

With the Galaxy Buds +, Samsung will fully support iOS and Android for the first time. The Galaxy Buds can also be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth, but the associated application for sound and touchpad settings, detailed information on the battery status and for the installation of firmware updates n was previously only available for Android devices. the associated iOS app for Galaxy Buds + was in the App Store before the headphones were announced. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with at least iOS 10.0.

Free when you pre-order the Galaxy S20 + and the Galaxy 20 Ultra

The Galaxy Buds + costs 169 euros and, with the Galaxy S20 family, will be available online and in stores from March 13. Pre-orderers of a Galaxy S20 + (LTE and 5G) and Galaxy S20 Ultra will receive the Galaxy Buds + for free as part of a promotion that runs from February 11 to March 8.

ComputerBase received information about this article from Samsung at a manufacturer’s event in Munich under the NDA. The publishers paid for arrival and departure. There was no influence from the manufacturer or obligation to report. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.

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