Galaxy Fold: Details of the changes to Samsung's folding smartphone

Galaxy Fold: Details zu den Änderungen an Samsungs Falt-Smartphone

Just a few days ago, it had become known that Samsung will soon announce a new date for the market launch of the folding smartphone Galaxy Fold. However, details of what changes were made to the smartphone in order to better protect it in the future against damage to the display were not known – now there are first details.

Display foil disappears in the housing

On the front of the 7.3-inch OLED screen of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung had applied an additional foil because flexible glass is not yet ready to protect the panel. Testers had removed these because they held them despite hints from Samsung only for a conventional screen protector. However, the removal resulted in damage to the display. In order to prevent this in the future, Samsung has now pulled the film into the housing of the smartphone and leaves it no longer visible on the display, so that there is no longer any point for users to remove the film.

Smaller gaps on the hinge against foreign bodies

Slots on the hinge of the smartphone, through which foreign objects could get behind the panel, were a problem with the first model. Although Samsung can not do without these mechanical gaps completely, they are said to have been downsized in the new revision of the smartphone in order to allow less foreign matter to penetrate.

The revised version of the Galaxy Fold is currently undergoing testing with South Korean mobile operators. Depending on the test results, it is expected that Samsung will announce later this month when the Galaxy Fold will start regular sales.

Prevent a second Galaxy Note 7

What consequences it may have when a smartphone is prematurely brought back to market after a revision, had shown in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After problems with the battery, which could lead to the brand of the smartphone, a subsequent revision and explanation that the problems are now eliminated, Samsung had the Galaxy Note 7 after re-incidents with new, revised devices finally set and remove from the market.

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