Galaxy Z Flip in hands-on: small flap, a lot behind it

Galaxy Z Flip im Hands-On: Kleine Klappe, viel dahinter

tl; dr: Samsung’s second folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, looks a lot more sophisticated when you try it out than the Galaxy Fold, which is more likely to be seen as a first attempt afterwards. The folding mechanism makes the smartphone pleasantly compact, and the new hinge also makes a better quality impression.

High-tech finally built compact

Instead of leaving a rather bulky impression like the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip evokes memories of compact smartphones from previous generations, which have not been offered for a few years. Even the depth of up to 17.3 mm when closed in the first practical test shortly after the smartphone was introduced is hardly a problem. The short test also particularly likes the weight, which is significantly reduced compared to the Galaxy Fold. At 163 grams, the Galaxy Z Flip weighs no more than other high-end smartphones from Samsung – and even a few grams less.

New hinge with brush protection

Samsung did a great job with the hinge, which was developed from scratch and gives the user more freedom when angling the display. Instead of snapping into position quickly, this happens only shortly before it is fully opened or closed. For example, the smartphone can be placed on the table, aligned at a suitable angle and used for video calls or selfies. For this, the lifestyle target group of the smartphone should warm up, but the feature is also fun when trying it out. The gap dimensions of the hinge are smaller than those of the Galaxy Fold, and many small brushes on the inside protect against dust and other foreign bodies.

Matching software functions on Android with One UI are also available for the folding mechanism. For example, when you open the viewfinder, the camera moves to the top while the controls move to the bottom half. This also happens in the browser when the keyboard is opened and, like a mini notebook with virtual keys, only sits in the lower area. The fact that the display can be split for two apps used in parallel fits perfectly with a smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip, but the feature is also available on other Samsung smartphones.

Galaxy Z Flip beats Razr in equipment

From a purely technical point of view, the Galaxy Z Flip is currently the most powerful folding smartphone with compact dimensions. The new Razr from Motorola comes at the same price of around 1,500 euros only with Snapdragon 710 instead of 855+, and the battery is around 800 mAh smaller and cannot be charged wirelessly. Samsung also offers more storage with 256 GB and probably also better image and video quality with the cameras of the Galaxy S10. Samsung is also probably ahead in terms of durability.

Samsung guarantees durability

Despite numerous improvements to the mechanics, a question mark still stands behind the durability of the smartphone after Samsung had put its foot in it with the first revision of the Galaxy Fold. 200,000 folding processes in which “guaranteed nothing will go broken“As the presentation at the Samsung location in Schwalbach im Taunus called for an event running parallel to the unpacked event, at least calm things down. A real innovation is the flexible glass developed together with the Mainz glass specialist Schott, which protects the OLED display. That fits the overall high-quality first impression of the Galaxy Z Flip.

ComputerBase received information about this article from Samsung during an event of the manufacturer in Schwalbach im Taunus under NDA. The costs of arrival, departure and hotel were borne by Samsung. There was no influence by the manufacturer or an obligation to report. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.

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