GOG Galaxy 2.0: all-in-one client bundles games from PC and console

GOG Galaxy 2.0: All-in-One-Client bündelt Spiele von PC und Konsole

CD Project is working on the second version of the Galaxy client for the games store GOG. It should no longer be just for its own platform: the publisher announces nothing less than an all-in-one solution that bundles games and friend lists across multiple platforms.

Thus, the company has correctly identified a current need. Due to the growing number of launcher and shops, the number of clients is increasing to the same extent. Consequently, a game collection potentially distributes itself to more and more different programs. To offer a solution here would make Galaxy an indispensable helper who benefits from the competition of others.

Here is Galaxy 2.0. The client can be linked to other platforms, thereby importing games into a unified library called the CD Project “main collection”. From her games can be installed and started. Explicitly it is spoken by different platforms on the PC and consoles.

However, CD Projekt does not write anything that supports everything. The FAQ only mentions that there will be a mix of official and unofficial open source integrations. The latter variant seems to be a hedge in case a platform provider does not want to support the client – in this case the community should step in.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 - recent games
GOG Galaxy 2.0 – last played games

GOG Galaxy 2.0 - Game Library
GOG Galaxy 2.0 Game Library

GOG Galaxy 2.0 - Friends
GOG Galaxy 2.0 – Friends

GOG Galaxy 2.0 - Games Base
GOG Galaxy 2.0 – Games Base

Friends are bundled

Friends are also imported, allowing you to view and chat with friends' activities and online status, “no matter what platform they are on“. Personal data, CD Project assures in this regard, would not be shared with third parties and could be deleted from the servers with a single click. Also brought together are accumulated successes.

The library can also be adapted to your own (visual) wishes. You can integrate your own pictures and backgrounds, but also adapt views. Changes are stored in the cloud and synchronized.

First beta, then release

Interested parties can now apply for a closed beta test via the Landing Page for Galaxy 2.0. However, there is no date or schedule yet.

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