Google Ads: YouTube TV app starts with banner ad including autoplay

Google Ads: YouTube-TV-App startet mit Werbebanner samt Autoplay

The YouTube TV app will be adapted by Google for desktop and mobile applications in terms of the ad formats displayed. YouTube for TV will now greet viewers on the homescreen with an oversized banner that automatically plays ads as video.

Google now also offers advertising companies in the YouTube TV app the so-called Masthead banner ad (title head). It covers most of the home screen before making any initial recommendations for YouTube videos. In the Google Ads blog, the company states that the Masthead advertising banner launched today is the most prominent place on YouTube to advertise and deliver to viewers.

Masthead banners for YouTube on TVs
Masthead banner for YouTube on TVs (Image: Google)

On smart TVs, the start of the YouTube app will be the first to appear on the homescreen and thus immediately the new banner ad. This has a non-deactivatable Autoplay function, which starts after a few seconds, but at least dispensed with sound. The autoplay feature plays the entire promotional video before switching back to the video thumbnail. The advertisement is thus not played in continuous loop. Users can interact with the banner and select it as a normal YouTube video and play in full screen – then with sound.

Google offers a lot of YouTube advertising

The new ad format is one in six that Google offers to advertisers on YouTube. The banner can be booked on a CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) basis, so it's billed based on Google's estimated cost per 1,000 views. With other advertisers, the space does not have to be shared because it's a fixed reservation, so customers can choose exactly what days to show the ad in the app. This often happens parallel to the market launch of a new product. Customers can book the Masthead banner as part of a desktop, mobile, and TV cross-screen campaign.

YouTube's other forms of advertising are skippable video advertising, non-skippable video advertising, so-called “video discovery ads” that appear alongside normal videos, such as in search results, out-stream ads in banners on external pages, bumper ads in six seconds Playtime in videos or external services, as well as the large-format masthead banner that previously existed only on the desktop and on mobile devices.

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