Google Assistant: New version runs 10 times faster directly to device

Google Assistant: Neue Version läuft zehnmal schneller direkt auf Gerät

Google is working on a new version of Google Assistant, internally referred to simply as “next generation of Google Assistant”. The biggest change is the reduction of the machine learning models needed from 100 GB to only 0.5 GB, so that they can run directly and faster on the smartphone.

The next generation of Google Assistant will no longer be forced to rely on an Internet connection and will operate much faster than the previous Assistant. Advances in deep learning have, according to Google, meant that the machine learning models required for the Google Assistant no longer need to run in Google's data center, but can be executed directly on the smartphone. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichar Google have reduced the memory requirements of the models from 100 GB to 0.5 GB.

Commands are processed immediately

The lower memory requirements and the integration directly into the operating system mean that the Google Assistant can work much faster. According to Google voice commands in the future will be carried out up to ten times faster. The fact that Google does not exaggerate on this point, the company impressively demonstrated in the context of its developer conference I / O. On stage, well-known, but also new voice commands from all areas of the assistant were processed in no time on a Pixel 3. In part, it did not take a second for the assistant to execute the requested command or process a request.

Pixel 4 comes with built-in Google Assistant

The new Google Assistant will not be offered on Google's current devices for the time being. According to my own statement, Google showed an early development version on the I / O, but it already worked reliably. With the new generation of pixels that Google has announced for the autumn conference, the new Google Assistant is set to celebrate its premiere. Apparently, not only the memory requirement has been the problem, but currently also the required computing power.

New generation of Google Assistant
New generation of Google Assistant

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