Google brings artificial intelligence assistant Duplex to the Internet

Artificial intelligence supported booking app is activated for Google Duplex, iOS and Android devices

Technology giant Google, artificial intelligence (AI) supported reservation application is preparing to move the Duplex web environment. At the I / O 2019 developers conference, which started today, the company has announced numerous new features for Google Now, which will expand the use of Duplex.

As you know, the artificial intelligence-backed reservation application Duplex's biggest feature is that it doesn't give the person the impression that he is talking to a real person, rather than an artificial intelligence.

In the future, the AI-based system is expected to be used effectively in the Internet as well as managing phone calls. For example, Duplex is planned to do activities such as rental car reservations or movie tickets.

Duplex will be able to arrange car rental reservation according to users' calendars. With the notification received from the calendar, the car rental company's website will be entered and the Deplux will be able to request the vehicle rental by entering the user's personal information. The AI ​​assisted assistant will get the user's consent before submitting the request.

Duplex was first introduced at the same conference last year. Available in 44 states in the US, Duplex can detect and process only English commands.

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