Google Home: Firmware update destroys smart speakers again

Google Home: Firmware-Update zerstört erneut smarte Lautsprecher

Google Home: Firmware update destroys smart speakers again
Image: Google

Already in October last year, a firmware update from Google ensured that individual Google Home and Google Home Mini were no longer working, and now a new firmware update is destroying smart loudspeakers among customers. This time only the Google Home is affected.

The new problems will primarily affect users who participate in Google’s preview program and thus install new firmware versions on their devices before other customers. However, since this is no longer beta software, the risk of using it does not lie solely with the users. In addition, users who are not participating in the preview program but to whom the new firmware has already been delivered should also be affected. Google Home updates itself automatically as soon as a new firmware version is released – this is usually done in waves and not on all devices at the same time. Users cannot prevent new firmware from being uploaded if it is available.

Google has not yet commented on how many Google Home are actually affected by the new problems. Across from Golem the company only confirmed the problem and spoke of “few users“. In the support area of ​​Google, individual users had spoken in the past few days that their smart speaker no longer responded after a firmware update.

Factory reset can help

Sometimes, but not in every case, a reset to the factory settings helps and the speaker can then be set up and used again. If this is not the case, affected customers should contact Google support. It is not yet clear whether they will receive a new device free of charge.


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