Google Home (Mini): Firmware update sometimes destroys the smart speakers

Google Home (Mini): Firmware-Update zerstört mit­un­ter die Smart Speaker

Google Home (Mini): Firmware update sometimes destroys the smart speakers

After several users in the support area of ​​Google and on Reddit had reported that their Google Home or Google Home Mini stops working after a firmware update and all four LEDs on the top are permanently lit, Google has confirmed the problems and is working on one error solution.

The permanent white glow of the four LEDs on the top of the problem can also be seen directly – in addition, the smart speakers respond to any more inquiries. Some users were successful with a factory reset and were able to bring their device back to life, but usually this should not work, as it is no longer possible to reset to factory defaults.

Problems known for months

However, the behavior is not completely new, because users have been reporting problems for several months, but only two months have passed. You are not limited to one region, but there are indications of a worldwide problem. Meanwhile, so many devices are affected that now Google also publicly respond.

Free exchange even outside the warranty

Google has since confirmed the problems caused by a firmware update, and promises to replace all affected Home and Home Mini for free, even if they are out of warranty, as long as no solution is available. Whether Google can work out such a solution apart from an exchange, if the devices do not react anymore, is questionable, since this has been working for at least a month. Even a period when this is to be expected, does not name the company.

Home Max, Nest Mini and Nest Hub not affected

How many devices are affected by the problems is not known. So far, however, only the Google Home and Google Home Mini are affected by the problem, for the new Google Nest Mini (test), Google Home Max and the smart display Nest Hub (test) have been reported by any user corresponding problems.


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