Google Maps & # 039; a “secret mode” feature comes

Google Maps & # 039; a "secret mode" feature comes

Google Maps and Incognito to search applications so “secret modeWith this feature, applications will be able to operate without the processing of user accounts, and it is possible to access these applications in stealth mode via internet browsers.

For example; Take one of those looking for nearby sexual health clinics. This is actually a normal thing, but it's a shame when the user has to open Maps and search for a place in the community. The new feature of Google Maps aims to eliminate all these problems.

It's really easy to use stealth mode. Inside the application Users touching the profile icon can activate the hidden mode and prevent the applications from following them.. It is important to note that the inclusion of hidden mode is very important in terms of privacy. Because in Maps and search applications, users can search for sensitive places and topics as mentioned above. Google's follow-up will also help us to turn off the usage.

Note, however, that this does not prevent other people from recording your location in other ways. For example; your phone operator will know roughly where you are at all times because of how your device is connected. Other applications and services that use location will not be affected. In short, hidden mode doesn't mean that all tracking is disabled, but, as with Chrome's hidden new tab, your actions aren't displayed based on your profile.

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