Google Maps shows the destination on camera with augmented reality feature called Live View

Google Maps shows the destination on camera with augmented reality feature called Live View

Google Maps's augmented reality feature to users for some time was discussed. Live View The beta version of the augmented reality feature called is currently available. The augmented reality feature of Google Maps, announced earlier this year, was available to both Google Pixel users and Google Maps local guides in test mode, but the app has been made available to everyone from now on.

With a new definition for navigation, users can use the phone's rear camera to view the direction they need to go directly through the camera. At the bottom of the screen is always the usual little map of Google. The system that detects the user's location with the help of GPS can find out exactly where the person is with Street View data. Thus, augmented reality support reflects the direction you need to go to the screen with the help of a camera. Live View, On any phone that supports ARCore Can be used.

Perhaps the best part of the application is that the camera is not always on during the time it is used. Aiming to minimize loss in previously unknown locations, Live View aims to navigate quickly and easily with arrows placed on the actual image and large, readable street signs.

Two days ago, we shared with you the news that Google's travel application, Trips, was closed. Although the closure of Trips is a problem for travelers, many features of the travel application will be integrated into Google Maps. “Reservations“Google Maps, including the tab, augmented reality feature, considering that it can improve itself seriously.

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